Thursday, 6 February 2014

Cascading Dropdown list in ASP.Net MVC


Phục Trương Quang said...

How can I create cascading dropdownlist multi level?

Uday M said...

Hi Rohit,

Please can you provide source code for cascading dropdown using
MVC 4 EntityFramework 5 CodeFirst Approach .


Rohit Kesharwani said...

Here is the link, you can download

Sibongumusa Mdumseni said...

Hi...mine is not working....."Country = countries.Single(m => m.Name == "India") gives me errors in the word "Single".

Rohit Kesharwani said...

If you have any trouble, you can download complete source code from the link given below:

Naviya Nair said...

Very interesting article in Asp.NET MVC..
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